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    Mini aquarium

    • The Mariimo Co. Mini Aquarium is our take on the ultimate Marimo Moss Ball habitat. It is a beautiful yet beginner-friendly product. The Mini Aquarium is made of acrylic which guarantees sturdiness and clarity. Its minimalist design and wooden base uplifts any living or office space. Complete with built-in lighting and filtration systems, it ensures that all the plants’ needs are taken care of. Furthermore, it is easy to setup and maintain.



      • Mini Aquarium
      • LED light (adjustable brightness)
      • USB cable (for LED)
      • 2.5W water pump
      • Filter media
      • Biological filtration rings
      • Acrylic lid
      • Substrate of your choice
      • White stones


      [Included with Deluxe Version only]:

      • 1 Marimo Moss Ball
      • 1 Marimo Mini
      • Foxtail bunch



      25.2 * 10.3 * 15.2cm

      2.5 Liter volume


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