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  • How do I take care of my Marimo set?
    Here's a basic care guide:
  • What modes of payment do you accept?
    We accept GCash and BPI Bank Transfer! Just follow instructions on the checkout page for providing proof of payment.
  • Do you ship nationwide (Philippines)?
    Yes, we ship nationwide! Orders within Metro Manila will be delivered 1-2 days after order processing, and orders outside Metro Manila will be delivered 3-7 days after order processing. You will be updated of your order's status through email. In the checkout page, please be sure to include your complete address to avoid any confusion.
  • Can you put Marimo moss balls inside aquariums?
    Yes! Marimo moss balls are excellent additions to your aquarium as they absorb excess nutrients and produce some extra oxygen. Not only that, but they add interest and beauty to the aquarium.
  • Can I put fish inside my Marimo set?
    We do not recommend putting fish of any size into our Marimo sets since our jars are too small for fish to swim freely. If you'd like to keep your Marimo with fish, we suggest moving both to a larger tank. Most fish like Bettas are great companions for Marimo moss balls, but be careful of certain species like goldfish which may rip apart or eat your Marimo.
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